Binary Option Robot Review is a 100% automated Option Robot Trading Software for binary options trading, and this software generates trading signals. The Binary Option Robot automatically executes trades directly to your linked broker account. However, in binary options trading, you will have to come across many scam softwares. There are more scam softwares as compared to legitimate trading software. And, it is not so easy to find a reliable software, you will have to do a lot of research to find the legit software.


Option Robot is a new Binary Options auto trading platform which caught our eye from the beginning itself. The look of this trading platform is very attractive, and it is time to verify whether this software is good as it looks or not?


Option Robot - A free scam software!!

As soon as you land the page of Options Robot, you will get the first impression, none of the scam signs are added in this software. On top of the web page, you will see a tab with a full list of Option Robot compatible brokers which indicate a positive sign of a trading software.
They have also given a brief review about each broker including minimum deposits; currencies accepted and more. And to join with, you just need to create a new account for free, and you will instantly be rewarded with $1000 demo account. Option Robot offers some amazing features and now let's have a look at them.

Option Robot: What features is this software providing?

The lists of features provided by this software are given below. The brokers related to this site are legitimate and licensed. Here are some of the brokers related to this:
1. 24
2. BinaryTILT
3. Empire options
4. Banc De Binary
5. Stock Pair.

Well, these are some of the brokers that are linked to Options Robot.
1. It has a demo account option that allows the users to check out the features and trading options of this site without paying a single money. This feature is not provided in the scam sites as they don’t want you to know what they are planning.
2. This software is licensed by most popular license providers, IFSC & CySEC; these only provide license code to those who provide excellent services.
3. In this site, you will not find any irritating videos or fake actors. Most of the fraudulent sites include fake videos claiming fake promises about the software.

Three different system of binary options trading!!

There is three profitable money management binary options trading system in Option Robot, and I am going to explain them in details:

1. Classic System The binary options classic system is considered as the safest of all the Trading Systems provided by Options Robot. This is very safe and secure to use.
2. Martingale System: If you want, you can switch to Martingale system. In this trading system, the risk factor is quite high, but it allows you faster and higher profits. Each of the forex pairs has their independent martingale system.
3. Fibonacci System: Now this is the most accurate system among all the trading systems in Options Robot. In this trading system, the trade size will change depending on the win or loss sequence.

Why should you Choose Options Robot to execute your trade?

I guess you may have still some doubts or confusion to choose Options Robot for your trading software. To make you more clear, I am going to mention some points and explain it in details.

1. Reverse Trading:One of the most vital reasons to choose Options Robot among other auto-trading software is its reverse trading feature. If you feel that you are not making profits up to the mark or you have suffered too much of loss, then you can change the option. You can use a reverse trading option that allows you to command the robot to start the process and treat carefully.

2. Risk level Setting:This is another most important features provided in this software. By enabling the Risk level setting, you will be able to choose the standard of risk you are willing to take. If you choose a lower risk level than you will make a lesser profit & if you pick a higher risk level than you can make higher profits.

3. Stop Loss: With the Stop-loss option, you will be able to check your losses. Sometimes, you may face a situation like you are suffering too many losses and even if you don't want to execute a trade, the robot continues on trading. In such cases, you can apply this option to stop the robot from continuing trading. You can also use it to set a margin of how much you can suffer in a day and according to that the robot will trade.

4. Demo Version: Once you sign up in, you will be rewarded with demo version where you can check its features and other facilities. This is another great advantage of using this software.

How to join

You will have to follow three steps to become a part of

1. Join: It will take only 1 minute to create your new account. You will have to simply enter your email ID with the password and click on "Submit" button. Once you receive a confirmation message and your account will be created.

2. Deposit: In this step, you will have to deposit your capital investment to linked your account with the regulated brokers. Your deposit is safe and secure.

3. Auto-Trade: Now, you can execute a new trade by just enabling Auto-Trade mode. This software has 83% average winning rate Options Robot has been on top on the Auto Trading software for long years. It is safe and secure to trade with Option Robot trading software. We have seen some amazing features of Options Robot, and few trading softwares offers such features. So, if you want to join a trading platform, then Option robot will be the best choice for you as it is best for the starters.